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Where do you wear your studs?


Diamond Studs. What is it about them that can elevate the style of literally any situation? We love them for their simple sexiness, the way they brighten your face from all of the best angles and mostly we love them for their versatility. We wear them day to night, from the office to the pool, from running errands to day tripping. We asked "Where do you wear your studs?" and you answered! Loving these responses. Send us yours!  

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Jet lagged and in leggings?  You will somehow still arrive looking like a million bucks. Don't ask us how. Its just the magic of diamond studs.

We take being a wedding guest very seriously around here. It doesn't matter if you're rocking 1 carat or 6, we believe in bringing your best sparkle without stealing the show. 

We dare you to try to stop us from wearing our studs with our messy bun. 

Mommas - YES. Listen to the doctor but also listen to us. Add studs to your Hospital Bag because you will want them mentally but also in photos.

Yes. You can. 

Obviously diamond studs for date night forever. Why do you think they make so many different shapes?

IYKYK - The bigger the better for this one ..... so your kids can spot you of course ;) 


Message us with your favorite, most fun, most weird place you've worn your studs (or wound up wearing your studs ;)  Follow and message on social! IG - @Bloomstone_Jewelers 


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