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Heart Shaped Diamonds - And we can also be royals ...

Heart Shaped Diamonds - And we can also be royals ...


The 56-carat heart-shaped diamond broke the record at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels Auction in 2011 breaking records with a sales price of 12 million dollars. 

Love them? You’re about to love them more. Hate them? We’re about to change your mind. Heart shaped diamonds have one of the wealthiest histories in the world of gemstones. Dating back to the earliest years of the Renaissance, the first recorded mention of a heart shaped diamond appears in a letter dating to 1463 addressed to Nicodemo from the Duke of Milan, Galeazzo Sforza. Historians believe legendary diamond cutter Louis van Berquem may have introduced these stones to Milan’s elite. 

Louis van Berquem is credited with inventing the scaif, a polishing wheel infused with a mixture of olive oil and diamond dust. With the scaif, it became possible to polish all the facets of the diamond symmetrically at angles that best reflected the light”

It was not long before every Royal and Aristocratic elite were seeking out the romantic, symbolic, extravagant and cherished heart shaped diamond. 

Cutting A Heart Shaped Diamond

Cutting and polishing any diamond during the Middle Ages and Renaissance was an intimidating, laborious, trade crafted by hand and man-power. The delicate cleft in the middle of a heart shaped stone requires exquisite technical skill, craftsmanship and care to create. Modern diamond cutters now have the science, knowledge and efficiency to create, not only, a perfectly symmetrical heart shape but can also achieve optimal brilliance (shine and sparkle!) boasting 59 facets. Talk about a heart on fire! If that doesn't say “I sweat you” I don’t know what does. 

Collectors understood the value in that level of craftsmanship which made this particular shape considered nothing less than a masterpiece and a proclamation of truest love and admiration. 

In 1562 Mary Queen of Scots gifted England's Queen Elizabeth I a heart-shaped diamond ring. This gesture has gone down in history as one of the most heartfelt symbols of friendship and goodwill between royals ever recorded. In a time when jewels were given as rewards and gifts to diplomats and friends, the heart-shaped diamond continued to symbolize adoration, friendship and a “pure symbol of love” for hundreds of years to come. 

Queen Elizabeth / Lady Gaga - Same thing (and other famous Heart Shaped Diamonds)

Gaga stealing hearts, breaking hearts, wearing hearts. If you don't believe me or Mary Queen of Scots, believe Gaga and her 10-carat engagement ring by Lorraine Schwartz


Gwen Stefani 

Further proof that Heart Shaped Diamonds equal RockStar Status - Everyone’s beloved Gwen Stefani fittingly rocked a Heart Shaped Engagement ring from Gavin Rossdale. Split but forever in our hearts. 

Nicki Minaj 

Coming in hot with this 8-10 carat yellow fancy colored diamond with a double pave around the center stone and band. Subtlety is not really your main interest if you’re a gal with her heart set on a heart. This ring cost her betrothed a measly half a million dollars. 


Elizabeth Taylor 

The Taj Mahal diamond. This 17th century heart-shaped diamond was made famous by Richard Burton, who gifted the creation to his wife, Elizabeth Taylor on her 40th birthday. After she passed away, the diamond was sold for $8 million dollars. This heart shaped diamond also came with roots in royalty previously belonging to the Empress Nur Jahan of India .

The Royal Purple Heart Diamond 
The Royal Purple Heart Diamond weighs 7.34-carats

This beautiful heart-shaped diamond, known as the Royal Purple Heart Diamond is one of the largest Fancy Vivid Purple Color Diamonds in the world. The diamond was expertly cut and polished into a perfect heart shape in order to display the striking purple color of the stone.  The origins of the diamond remain unknown, but experts speculate the rare fancy color diamond was discovered in Russia.

The Argyle Amour Diamond 

The pink heart-shaped diamond is extremely rare and mesmerizing

The Argyle Amour Diamond is truly a masterpiece. The extraordinary heart-shaped diamond weighs 2.61 carats and remains the most valuable heart-shaped diamond to have been discovered at the Argyle Diamond mine in Australia. The rare beauty of the pink diamond has captured the hearts of many over the years.

SYMBOLISM of Heart Shaped Diamonds 

Even with its ancient and long history The Heart Shaped diamond is not for just anybody. This style is a magical combination of feminine romanticism and tenderness paired with non-traditionalism and a fiery spirit. To gift someone a heart shaped diamond whether a romantic partner, best friend, parent or sibling is a profession of that forever kind of love. 

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