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The perfect engagement ring shape for you!

The perfect engagement ring shape for you!

Round- The most classic shape, a round cut engagement ring is very uniformed and symmetrical in appearance which allows light to reflect brilliantly throughout the stone, giving you a glimpse of sparkle and shimmer in every direction you look at it.

Emerald- Emerald cut engagement rings are step-cuts that create a mesmerizing “hall of mirrors” effect within the stone. With its luxurious allure, the emerald cut exudes a sense of refinement that speaks volumes about the wearer's taste. Its large table or surface not only enhances the stone's brilliance but also elongates the fingers, adding a touch of grace to any hand.

cushion cut diamond with heart side stone

Cushion- A captivating pillow cut like shape; the cushion cut engagement ring combines the round edges of traditional cut with the structured elegance of a square. This unique cut guarantees an exceptional reflection of color and light, as well as providing a soft and feminine touch.


Radiant- A radiant cut engagement ring is a mesmerizing blend of brilliance and sophistication. The mixed-cut showcases brilliant facets on the bottom and step-cut facets on top. The radiant cut is exceptional for its ability to conceal imperfections flawlessly. This means you can indulge in a larger stone, making every piece of radiant cut jewelry a symbol of luxury and sophistication.

Princess Cut Engagement Ring with Pave Band

Princess- A princess cut engagement ring has a square like appearance from the top with sharp corners, reminiscent of an inverted pyramid. This cut offers symmetrical and structural balance allowing the stone to embody a timeless elegance.


Marquise- Marquise cut engagement rings are an ideal choice for those who prioritize size and style above all else. Renowned for their elongated shape, Marquise cuts create the illusion of a larger diamond compared to other cuts of the same carat weight. Their sleek silhouette adds a touch of glamor to any finger, making them a symbol of refined taste and long-lasting love.

Oval- An oval engagement ring shape is a meticulously crafted slender and elongated cut. This cut allows the stone to have an amplified appearance, enhancing its brilliance, and creating the illusion of longer fingers.


Heart Shaped Engagement ring with Tapered Baguette sides

Heart- With origins dating back to the 1400s, a heart shaped engagement ring is the ultimate timeless cut. The brilliant cut allows the heart-shaped diamond to dazzle with the radiant sparkle reminiscent of oval or pear-shaped stones. Embraced by royalty throughout history, this exquisite cut is not only a symbol of romance but also to the master craftsmanship required to achieve its perfect symmetry, making it the ultimate expression of affection and commitment.

Fun fact-
“In 1562, Mary Queen of Scots sent Queen Elizabeth a beautiful ring that contained a heart-shaped diamond. This diamond became one of the most famous heart-shapes in history. In this period of time, it symbolized friendship and goodwill.”

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