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Meet the Team at Harbour Center: Jasika

Meet the Team at Harbour Center: Jasika

Jasika comes to Bloomstone Jewelers from a fabulous career in the wedding industry. From flawless wedding hair to creating the dreamiest photo ops, she does it all. We are thrilled to have her whimsical brilliance on the team!


What are you passionate about in your free time?

I was born an animal lover. I am actively involved in dog rescue and horse rescue. 

Other than diamonds, what are you the expert in?

Finding magic in the ordinary. 

Fun Fact about you?

I can read coffee grinds. A folk practice from my Armenian roots that I picked up from my mom and all of the communal aunts and grandmas. I’ve been known to be right more than twice! At the end of my first week at Bloomstone,  a massive diamond ring appeared in my coffee cup! 

What excites you about lab-grown diamonds?

Giving consumers (and myself) the opportunity to have the diamonds of their dreams! 


Currently loving:

Trillion Cut Diamond Studs in Yellow Gold


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