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Meet the Team at Harbour Center: Lola

Meet the Team at Harbour Center: Lola

Lola comes to Bloomstone with a fresh perspective on life. A journalism major and super soccer fan, we are lucky to have such a dynamic young woman on our diamond team!


What are you passionate about in your free time?

I am very passionate about soccer. I have played since I was very young. My whole family always bonded over the sport by playing or watching it together. My favorite thing about it is that no matter your race, gender, or social class, soccer has the ability to bring all groups of people together in unison.


Other than diamonds, what are you the expert in?

Giving dating advice. 


Fun Fact about you?

When I was in third grade, I secured second place nationwide in the Write-a-Book contest for my collection of poetry I wrote when I was only 8 years old, starting my love for poetry that I continue to write to this day.


What excites you about lab-grown diamonds?

The way it gives people the opportunity to feel luxurious, classy, and lush but for a much more affordable price. 


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